Sysmex America to Exhibit at AACC 2021: Sysmex Showcase Online and Live at Booth #2203
  Release Date:  September 14, 2021  
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Sysmex America to Exhibit at AACC 2021: Sysmex Showcase Online and Live at Booth #2203
Products on display throughout the Expo at Booth #2203 in Atlanta
Multiple Product Demonstrations and Educational Opportunities throughout the Show
Chicago – September 14, 2021 – Sysmex America, Inc., a leading diagnostic solutions company offering hematology, urinalysis, flow cytometry testing technology and information systems for optimal clinical laboratory performance, will be exhibiting virtually and live at the 72nd AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo, September 28 – 30.
“While clinicians have always relied on laboratory diagnostics for a significant number of medical decisions, the pandemic has amplified the need for in vitro diagnostics,” said Andy Hay, chief operating officer of Sysmex America. “As demand continues to grow, laboratories across North America rely on Sysmex America for highly automated solutions that accelerate workflow and increase confidence in accurate results.”
Meet Sysmex’s team members live at booth #2203 or online at to discuss ways to maximize the value your laboratory delivers to clinicians and see our innovative products that feature flexibility, scalability and quality.
Featured at the Sysmex America booth:
UN-Series™ Automated Urinalysis Solution and TH-11™ Urine Sample Decapper Unit*
The UN-Series Automated Urinalysis Solution is a fully scalable urinalysis solution that delivers a comprehensive assessment of urinalysis results. With fluorescent flow cytometry technology at its core, the UN-Series offers modular instrument configurations for flexibility to manage a wide range of workflow needs for your changing lab. In addition, customizable reflex rules ensure seamless urinalysis workflow and reduced manual microscopies. The UN-Series also minimizes risk of procedural errors through standardization and reduction of manual processes with the TH-11 Urine Sample Decapper Unit that is compatible with all common tube types (screw and push caps).
*TH-11™ not available for sale in the U.S.A. or Canada
Flow Cytometry
PS-10™ Sample Preparation System
The highly automated and flexible PS-10, designed for complex laboratory-developed tests and routine flow cytometry applications, provides clinical laboratories a new level of workflow efficiency and confidence in accurate results. The PS-10 automates sample preparation, alleviating primary operational bottlenecks in busy clinical flow laboratories, as well as eliminating variability between operators. The PS-10 also offers standardization for antibody cocktailing and reduces the amount of manual transferring of samples performed by laboratory staff.  
XF-1600™ Flow Cytometer*
The highly automated XF-1600 provides laboratories with improved flexibility and efficiency for a wide range of applications. In addition to seamless integration into the laboratory’s workflow, the XF-1600 works in tandem with Sysmex America’s PS-10 Sample Preparation System to automate the entire process of antibody staining, incubation and flow cytometry analysis—ensuring a new level of confidence in the results produced. Highly trained operators no longer have to spend hours manually pipetting, leaving valuable time for more complex activities. With nearly 200 antibody reagents, Sysmex America offers a complete, reliable solution from specimen reception to reporting results.
*For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
XN-9100™ Automated Hematology System with DI-60™ Automated Digital Cell Morphology Analyzer
The XN-9100 is a scalable, modular automation system that offers efficiencies to meet the needs of varying lab sizes, specialties and complexity levels. With automated workload balancing, hands-free rerun/reflex testing and fully automated reflexive slide preparation, labs can better manage workload and staffing challenges. The DI-60 Automated Digital Cell Morphology Analyzer connects directly to the XN-3100™ and XN-9100 analyzers or can be configured with the SP-50™ Slidemaker/Stainer. The automatic cell location and pre-classification functions of the DI-60 improve the process of performing differentials, resource utilization, and clinical collaboration.
XN-L™ Automated Hematology Analyzers
For lower volume labs, the XN-L Automated Hematology Analyzers offer expanded clinical value with a low-WBC application that improves reliability of analysis. In addition, the XN-L provides a six-part differential (including IG # enumeration and IG %) for each sample.
CellaVision® DC-1 Digital Cell Morphology Analyzer
For low-volume hematology labs, the CellaVision DC-1 analyzer automates and simplifies the process of performing blood cell differentials while providing labs high quality digital imaging for improved efficiency, quality, connectivity and staff proficiency. Laboratories may use the CellaVision DC-1 as a standalone or networked installation.
Informatics Solutions
Caresphere™ Workflow Solution (WS)
Designed to address data privacy, security and compliance concerns, Caresphere WS delivers dramatic workflow efficiency increases to laboratories. Caresphere WS is HITRUST CSF®-certified and is an intuitive, cloud-based software solution that enables sophisticated test result workflow optimization for laboratories to meet increasing demands, streamline decision-making and reduce risk.
BeyondCareSM Quality Control Monitor (BCQM)
The unique BeyondCare Quality Control Monitor (BCQM) is an evidence-based quality control management program that monitors the health and accuracy of your analyzers. Automated, color-coded quality control (QC) interpretation and standardized troubleshooting guidance eliminate the uncertainty from QC procedures and instill confidence in analyzer performance. BCQM is available for hematology XN and XN-L Series and urinalysis UN-Series.
To learn more about how Sysmex America is leading the way with innovation at AACC, go to
About Sysmex America
Sysmex America is lighting the way to better health with diagnostic solutions that transform the future of healthcare and contribute to healthier lives. Its innovative hematology, urinalysis, information systems and flow cytometry testing technology is reshaping the world of diagnostics. As Americas regional affiliate of Kobe, Japan-based Sysmex Corporation – a trusted global leader respected for optimizing the efficiency, operations and financial performance of clinical laboratories – it offers diagnostic products that equip patients and the healthcare professionals who treat them with the information needed to make decisions with greater trust and confidence. Forbes magazine named Sysmex one of the most innovative companies in the healthcare equipment and services category, and the Center for Companies That Care named Sysmex America to its “Honor Roll.” Learn more about Sysmex America at
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