Set a New Standard in Multispecies Hematology

(For Animal Use Only)  

Sysmex® XN-V Series: The XN-V Series brings state-of-art hematology technology to the scientific research community. The XN-V’s powerful and intuitive software offers the flexibility in data analysis that enables your laboratory to explore new testing protocols, which may lead to undiscovered scientific breakthroughs.


Cellavision® DM 1200 Vet and DM 9600 Vet Digital Cell Morphology Analyzers: For the past 15 years, SysmexTM and CellaVision have partnered to help laboratories bring automation to manual cell differentials. Sysmex is now introducing the CellaVision Vet system to enable veterinary laboratories and research facilities to deliver faster results and improve standardized testing.

The CellaVision Vet system captures images from multispecies slides which are analyzed with specific artificial neural network technology. These images can be viewable via a networked solution to enable consultation and collaboration between veterinarians and researchers.

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