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The new Sysmex XN-Series: an Equal Opportunity Analyzer

What if you never have to choose between hematology analyzers with different capabilities and different throughputs again? What if you could eliminate worries about your workload, your abnormal or complicated patient populations, body fluid samples, bench space, or level of automation? 

The new XN-Series analyzers from Sysmex are equalizing hematology laboratories on a global scale. This is because Sysmex has developed the first truly universal hematology analytical module, the XN-10™, that provides every laboratory with CBC and differential, including analysis of immature cell forms from all three cell lines: WBC, RBC and Platelets. It even automates body fluid cell counts, including a 2-part differential, on serous, spinal and synovial fluids.  The smallest in the series is the XN-1000 and comprises a single XN-10 module on a dedicated sampler.  All XN-Series configurations have identical reagents, QC software and analytical capabilities, making the XN-Series a truly scalable series of analyzers. 

The Sysmex XN-Series also heralds the end of the era when labs had dissimilar back-up analyzers, replacing it with the functionality of “co-primary” analyzers. This new approach allows laboratories to balance workloads across two identical analyzers, the XN-2000™. With expanded reporting capability, on-board rules for reflex and re-run testing and the availability of advanced clinical parameters resident on each of the analytical modules of the XN-2000, specimens no longer need to be routed to one analyzer or another.  Labs can also make dramatic improvements to turnaround times since reflex testing and re-runs are handled automatically by onboard rules. The total workload can now be accomplished in a compact space, quickly and easily.

The ultimate in standardization and scalability from a modular system

What better way to standardize than by having identical analyzers on a line with automated slide making and staining? If workloads increase, it is a simple matter of combining two XN-10 modules with a Sysmex SP-10™ slidemaker/stainer.  This creates the XN-3000™, an analyzer that brings greater standardization and efficiency to the busy hematology laboratory. 


If your workload is very large, you can place up to nine XN-10 modules on a single automation line.  This approach lets labs configure a hematology system that perfectly fits the scale of their operations with throughputs as fast as they need to go.   

You may want to adopt Lavender Top Management® by adding a HbA1c analyzer and tube sorting and archiving on the same line.   The Lavender Top Management approach not only helps manage quality by standardizing sample processing, it can fully automate the testing of up to 90% of all EDTA tubes received in most laboratories. 


Improve productivity and efficiency

If you want to reduce decision points, paper shuffling, and turnaround times, look to Sysmex’s WAM decision support software for the clinical laboratory to help you manage your workload. For the ultimate in efficiency, you can implement autovalidation and go paperless. WAM contains all your customized hematology rules to make discrete decisions on each sample and manage next steps whether the sample needs to be reviewed, reflexed or sent directly to your laboratory’s LIS. Sysmex’s WAM middleware can be linked into your LIS and Sysmex provides the on-site expertise to help this implementation run smoothly.

Elegant in its simplicity

Just by looking at the XN analytical module, it’s easy to see that this design is a major departure from the big black boxes that typified hematology laboratories of yesteryear. The new concept that Sysmex used in designing the XN-Series is called Silent Design® and it was created through careful study of the needs of the laboratory technologist in today’s healthcare setting.

  • Space – More compact than any other system for the same testing volume.  The hematology laboratory can become a pleasant, functional space by eliminating crowding from oversized hematology analyzers. 
  • Surface – Corners have conic curves, not sharp angles.  Color is used not for decoration, but to highlight important operator functions.  The analyzer blends into your space, yet you are instantly alerted to functions that need operator attention. 
  • Series – The XN family is an entire flexible, configurable series of analyzers that are built from a single common module.  The XN-1000 offers smaller labs the same test parameters and functionality as the largest, XN-9000™, making the benefits of the XN-Series available to labs of any size. 
  • Longevity – The XN-Series is designed to be configured to meet each laboratory’s testing needs and be changed, not replaced, as testing needs change.  Spend only what you need to spend, only when you need it, maximizing your capital budget. 
  • People – People who work in healthcare deserve great respect. It’s a tough job. You deserve great product design, one that creates a work atmosphere that respects both the quantity and quality of laboratory hematology medicine. Even the simplicity of reagent changes shows the care Sysmex took to design the XN-Series to work in harmony with the technologist.

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