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Sysmex America celebrated its Top Ten in July with two anniversaries and a milestone achieved in Insight™, Sysmex’s interlab quality assessment program. Sysmex’s theme, Others Talk – Sysmex Delivers was chosen as exemplifying the achievements of the past decade and the goals for another successful decade.

10th Anniversary of Sysmex America, Inc.

In 2003, Sysmex established its U.S. subsidiary and set its sights on driving profitable growth in the company’s largest market based on a robust portfolio of hematology, urinalysis and information solutions that uniquely address clinical performance, efficiency and integration of systems. At that time, market share and awareness and understanding of Sysmex in the US and Canada was low. Over a decade of operation, we have made a remarkable ascent to the top of the diagnostics market.

“In 2003, many in the industry did not even know who we were and the leading competitors were entrenched. Breathtaking changes resulting from healthcare reform were taking root,” said John Kershaw President and Chief Executive Officer, Sysmex America, Inc. “Despite these challenges, in just 10 years we have emerged as a formidable diagnostics market leader and have earned the respect and loyalty of our customers, including 9 of the top 10 America’s Best hospitals, who have come to know Sysmex for our unsurpassed reliability, integrated automation, technological advancements and clinical excellence.”

During this time, Sysmex has grown from a little known company to one that has captured the #1 US position in CBC testing with a 44% market share as of year-end 2012. Sysmex is now the number one analyzer under consideration by labs for acquisition in the next 12 months, according to an Information Dynamics Hematology MARKET MONITOR™ survey, and is the manufacturer that customers consider most likely to meet their future purchase expectations.

“How did we do this?”, asked Kershaw. “First, we believed it was possible. From that point on, it was a matter of good people, hard work, a commitment to R & D, and our commitment to try to answer the question, ‘How is the clinical laboratory going to evolve over the years to come, and how do we deliver solutions to traditional and emerging lab challenges?’”

There is much more to expect from Sysmex in the next 10 years and beyond. This includes delivering two new products which made their debut at this year’s AACC annual meeting; the Sysmex DI-60™ Integrated Cell Image Analyzer, the first differential module designed to be fully integrated into the new Sysmex® XN-Series Automated Hematology Systems, and the Sysmex XP-300™ Automated Hematology Analyzer for smaller labs. Soon the latest version of the company’s hematology-specific middleware software, Sysmex WAM™ v5.0, will enable laboratories to further expand the efficiency and control over their hematology workflow and results management. These three products demonstrate the commitment by Sysmex to continually re-invent proven technology and deliver solutions that meet the needs of the ever evolving clinical lab environment.

Even so, our work is just beginning. We will continue our rich Sysmex heritage in research and development by opening our company’s R & D Americas headquarters at Sysmex America’s Mundelein, IL campus. The center’s projects will focus on finding and developing innovative technology to address the future of personalized and preventative medicine and meet head-on the challenges of healthcare delivery. The new R&D Americas will remain true to Sysmex’s corporate mission – advancing healthcare, while doing so with flexibility, individual competence and unsurpassed teamwork.

To learn more, see the article entitled Introducing the DI-60 Integrated Slide Processing System in this issue of Sysmex News.

John Kershaw receives acknowledgement of the 10th Anniversary of Sysmex America, Inc. from Ramachandra
Villivalam, representing The Honerable Bradley Schneider, Representative of Congressional District #10, Illinois.

10th Anniversary of WAM

The 10th anniversary of Sysmex America is also the 10th anniversary of Sysmex WAM™ Decision Support Software for the Clinical Laboratory. Intelligent Automation fuses informatics, Sysmex WAM, with Sysmex hematology solutions to optimize quality and efficiency and to measurably reduce allocated resources and operating costs.

Simply put, WAM shifts workload from technologists to technology. Used by nearly 800 labs and healthcare facilities in the U.S. and Canada, this hematology-specific middleware is helping labs get the utmost performance from their Sysmex automation solutions by enabling rules-driven auto-validation, management reporting and paperless hands-free processing.

As we celebrate our anniversaries, a new version of the WAM Decision Support Software for the Clinical Laboratory was exhibited at the AACC. WAM v.5.0 includes an extended delta and previous checking module that goes beyond the traditional delta checking by adding the ability to lookback and determine the absence or presence of flags, comments and operator alerts over a range of results. The ultimate goal is to reduce the number of unnecessary smear reviews or manual differentials, and the system truly elevates the multi-variable checking for both Delta and Previous data checks. In addition, Sysmex is previewing expanded support services that will provide automated rule and workflow testing services for Sysmex WAM customers during implementation.

To learn more, see the article entitled “Improve your Experience with Information Management” in this issue of Sysmex News.

10 Thousand Analyzers in Sysmex Insight Program

As Sysmex America celebrates its 10th anniversary, we are also pleased to announce that Insight has reached an enrollment of 10,000 analyzers from the US, Canada and throughout Latin America.

During the time that Sysmex has offered Insight, hematology labs have seen many changes in quality control (QC) management. Early on, data was received by the Insight center on floppy discs sent via U.S. mail by each lab for each analyzer. Then Insight gave labs the ability to upload data directly from a floppy disc. The next big advance was to upload QC without first saving it to a disc by using SNCSTM to manage the data transmission. The XN-Series now offers the added convenience of automatically transferring QC data directly to the Insight data center. In the last ten years, QC data handling has come a long way.

The changes in Insight follow other laboratory trends. In 2002 there were more participating individuals registered in Insight than there were analyzers. This reflected the high number of labs where multiple technologists would run a single standalone analyzer. Since 2005, the increase in the number of enrolled analyzers has outpaced the number of registered participants. Now fewer technologists are responsible for QC on more and more analyzers. This reflects the trend toward laboratory consolidation and the need to have multiple analyzers to handle the increase in testing that accompanies the aging US and Canadian populations. As a result of this trend, Insight added a parent-child relationship to laboratory enrollment in 2010. This allows a QC specialist at a core lab to use a single log in to access Insight records for multiple labs. The expansion of Integrated Healthcare Networks and the growth in commercial reference lab testing have been significant drivers of this trend.

Since 2005, there have been more analyzers than participants reflecting the trend of consolidation of lab testing.


The last 10 years has seen other significant improvements:

  • The log in for Insight was made universal. A single log in name and password gives the operator access to Insight, the CRC libraries, and the ongoing Sysmex webinar program.
  • 3-part differential analyzers were added to the Insight program to standardize reporting for labs of all sizes.
  • The ability to add notes to QC runs was added to record observations about data points.
  • The initiation of QC management allowed users of all Sysmex analyzer models to exclude data by run and preserve the integrity of the data and reports.
  • Auto-notification automatically alerts operators to data runs that fall far out from the expected range of data. This allows the operator to review and exclude extraneous data points before the period reports are final, resulting in a more relevant and useful data report.

As the number of enrolled analyzers reached critical mass, Sysmex was able to launch both Remote Calibration and Evidence-Based Calibration programs. These approaches to calibration save time, minimize disruptions of work and help optimize analyzer performance. In addition, the Sysmex XN-Series now takes data handling to a new level. On all XN-Series analyzers, QC data is automatically transferred to Insight as it is run, with the option to exclude extraneous data.

Perhaps that is why, of all the Sysmex services, Insight ranks highest in customer satisfaction surveys with a 9.3 on a scale of 1 – 10. The dedicated staff at the Sysmex assay lab and data center makes it their mission to ensure that Insight will continue to evolve with Sysmex America and with laboratory needs.

Sysmex Latin America and the Caribbean

On July 17-19, 2013 Sysmex exhibited the new Sysmex XN-1000™, XN-2000™ and XP-300™ hematology analyzers for the first time in Brazil at the 40th Brazilian Congress on Clinical Analysis.


Sysmex staff demonstrated the operation and modularity of the XN-2000.

With high performance, expandability and advanced clinical parameters, the XN-Series brings modern solutions for laboratories seeking a new concept in hematology. “We had the opportunity to demonstrate the innovative technology of the XN-Series analyzers and how these new analyzers will reshape hematology with their new and unique features. The client response has been very positive and we believe that the XN-Series will exceed expectations of performance and modularity,” says Fernando Gatz, Marketing Manager at Sysmex Latin America and the Caribbean.

The new Sysmex XP-300 hematology analyzer with 3-part differential technology was also exhibited at this meeting.
This new analyzer combines strength and quality tradition with updated features such as touch screen, new software
and a unique design.

As a major sponsor of the Brazilian Congress on Clinical Analysis, Sysmex traditionally sponsors the main scientific presentation of the meeting. The presentation this year was delivered by a well known professional in the hematology field, Helena Grotto, MD, PhD. Her presentation “Laboratory diagnosis beyond the CBC: the use of new profiles as aids in identification of hematological disorders”, was attended by over 500 people. Dr. Grotto is currently serving as Sysmex Medical Advisor in Brazil.

Interest in the XN-2000 was high at the Brazilian Congress on Clinical Analysis.


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