A practical guide to implementing Sysmex-XE 5000 Immature Granulocyte count

12:00 PM to 1:00PM (Americas) Central Time (US & Canada)

Linda M. Sandhaus, MD, MS - Associate Professor of Pathology, Director, Hematology Laboratory and Point-of-Care Testing, University Hospitals Case Medical Center

The clinical significance of immature granulocytes in peripheral blood has been well documented. Currently, the manual differential has limitations and does not always provide a precise and accurate determination of immature cells. Dr. Sandhaus will explain the clinical significance of immature granulocytes and compare the manual and automated methods for quantifying these cells in peripheral blood. A practical approach to correlating different methods will be explained. Two different approaches to establishing a reference range will be described. Options for reporting this new parameter will also be presented.


  • Understand the clinical significance of immature granulocytes. Learn about the limitations of the manual differential and the importance of providing an accurate and reproducible immature granulocyte count.
  • Describe the methodology and process used to determine a reference range for IG.
  • Consider options for implementing IG in their laboratory. Understand the process used to educate and gain acceptance from the clinical staff for this new automated differential parameter.
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