New Laboratory Parameters to Manage Anemia

12:00 PM to 1:00PM (Americas) Central Time (US & Canada)

John F. Boyle, Ph.D., Administrative Director, Laboratory, Respiratory, & Ancillary Services. Mercy Medical Center, Rockville Center, N.Y

Iron Deficiency anemia is one of the most prevalent types of anemia today. Patients who are iron deficient are sometimes difficult to manage, especially in the dialysis arena; they tend to have increased transfusion needs and a higher prevalence of complications. Learn about simple laboratory tests that can guide the identification and treatment of iron deficient patients before surgery.


  • Review the mechanisms of anemia and traditional laboratory testing used to diagnosis and manage treatment.
  • Identify current and newly emerging hematology tests that can help to manage anemic patients.
  • Compare CHr and RET-He parameters and how they can be used in anemia management.
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