Cell Imaging Analysis: Our Journey to Hematology Productivity

12:00 PM to 1:00PM (Americas) Central Time (US & Canada)

Kelly T. Yoder MT(ASCP)SH, Lab Manager, Excela Health Westmoreland, Greensburg, PA

Automated cell imaging has piqued the interest of the hematology laboratory as the laboratory labor shortage continues to grow. Cell imaging has evolved into a very viable solution to the labor intensive manual differential. This session will explore the various types of cell imaging systems available today. Key steps that our laboratory took to evaluate and implement cell imaging as part of our routine hematology lab will also be described. The benefits we have achieved from the implementation of Cell Image Analysis will also be shared.


  • Identify reasons for choosing cell imaging to streamline hematology processes
  • Compare manual differential to old/new automated differential imaging systems
  • Evaluate case studies using the CellaVision® automated differential imaging system
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