Urinalysis: The Study of a Divine Fluid

12:00 PM to 1:00PM (Americas) Central Time (US & Canada)

Donna L. Canterbury MT(ASCP)SH Supervisor of Hematology, Urinalysis and Body Fluids University of Virginia Medical Laboratories Charlottesville, VA

The examination of urine for diagnostic purposes can be traced back as far as 6000B.C.. Throughout the ages, the study of urine has become an integral part of diagnostic medicine. This session will discuss the importance of urine findings related to disease states and why the examination of urine continues to be a foundational diagnostic test. Participants will be introduced to concept of automated urinalysis and the benefits to automating this test can bring to the lab.


  • Understand the history of the study of urine and its impact on diagnostic medicine.
  • Discuss the importance of urine findings related to disease states.
  • Recognize and explain the benefits of automating urinalysis.
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