Sysmex XN-V Multispecies Hematology Analyzers*

What if you could have a multispecies hematology analyzer that offers sophisticated technology and is unprecedented in the scientific research community?

The XN-V multispecies Hematology Systems are advancing hematology technology with the sophisticated cell analysis to meet your research laboratory needs. The XN-V’s innovative and dynamic software offers flexibility in data analysis. This enables your laboratory with the advantage to explore new testing protocols that lead to undiscovered scientific breakthroughs.
  • Developed specifically for multi-species analysis
  • Customized gating capabilities may lead to more accurate results
  • Re-analysis feature allows samples to be repeated without re-run of sample
  • 35 whole blood parameters
  • 88 uL sample size and throughput of 100 samples per hour
  • Low aspirated volume 50 uL and body fluid analysis
  • Smaller reagent packaging sizes and concentrated reagent option
  • Unique co-primary approach that replaces the conventional backup systems
  • Automatic workload balancing between the two modules
  • Single, redundant-design IPU with consolidated database
*“For Animal Use Only”- Research Analyzers

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