MEDICA EasyCell® assistant Cell Image Analysis System
Automated Cell Analysis Assistance for the Smaller Hematology Lab

The EasyCell® assistant brings many of the capabilities of cell imaging systems designed for larger labs to the smaller hematology laboratory. Its compact size and high resolution imaging offer the perfect balance of high quality results with a small footprint and affordability.

The EasyCell® assistant helps increase efficiency in smaller labs by automating the labor-intensive process of scanning slides and pre-classifying the normal cells found in most blood smears. Those advantages enjoyed by larger labs can now be cost-efficiently realized by labs that typically process 100-300 samples per day.


Designed with the Smaller Laboratory in Mind

  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • STAT capable
  • Virtually no maintenance

Promotes Operational Efficiency

  • Aids the laboratory in the consistency of cell identification
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Improves the efficiency of reporting results
  • Decreases fatigue levels for technologists
  • Assists in training and certification

Flexibility to Fit Your Work Flow Practice

  • Handles up to 30 slides at one time for unattended operation
  • Utilizes automated, semi-automated or manual wedge smears
  • Reads 1D and 2D barcodes or uses image identification
  • Allows the import of cell images into printed reports

A Compact, Efficient Solution to Assist with Hematology Slide Review

Slide Capacity Up to 30 pre-oiled slides, walk-away; single STAT slide capability
Slide Methods Automated and semi-automated or manually prepared wedge-smear slides
Stains Standard stains include Wright, Wright-Giemsa and May Grunwald-Giemsa
Stain Variation Automatic adjustment
Scan Time (typical) Approximately 4.5 min/slide
WBC Differential Options 100 or 200 cells (user defined)
Slide Identification Barcoding or label image
For additional specifications, please refer to the product brochure.
The EasyCell assistant is an automated cell image analyzer designed to assist technologists with routine differentials by automating the scanning and pre-classification of white blood cells. Today’s clinical laboratories face a lack of medical technologists. The EasyCell assistant improves efficiency by eliminating much of the routine work associated with locating and sorting predominantly normal cells, freeing up time for technologists' professional classification of abnormal cells.

EasyCell® assistant Operational Value

  • Standardized cell identification across all staff and shifts improves patient care
  • Clinicians may access reports with significant cell images and thereby enhance the diagnostic process
  • Reduced smear review time allows technologists more opportunity for other testing, enhancing operational efficiency
  • The EasyCell assistant helps to meet compliance objectives and achieve performance goals
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