Lavender Top Management® Powered by Intelligent Automation

The Sysmex Lavender Top Management solution includes integrated tube sorting and archiving onto the HST-N hematology automation platform using the TS-Series sorters. Powered by Intelligent Automation from the Sysmex WAM , this solution raises your level of productivity and decreases overall operational cost by eliminating the need for pre- and post-analytical sample sorting and management. The addition of the Bio-Rad VARIANT II TURBO Link allows for automated management of more than 90% of most labs' lavender top tubes.

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TS-Series and Return Line: Seamless integration of sorting and archiving provides complete management of lavender top tubes. The addition of the return line completely automates repeat/reflex testing.


Bio-Rad VARIANT™ II TURBO Link: Fully automated, integrated Hemoglobin A1c testing provides a solution for improving laboratory utilization, operations and turnaround time.

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