SP-1000 Side Maker Stainer
Sysmex SP-1000i Automated Hematology Slide Preparation Unit 
Advanced Slide Making and Staining
Available on Sysmex XE-AlphaN and Sysmex HST-N automated systems
The SP-1000i is a third generation of proven, integrated slide maker/stainer products developed, manufactured and supported by Sysmex.  In routine operations, the SP-1000i provides rapid, automated preparation of peripheral blood smears to help laboratories meet and standardize smear review turnaround times.

Speed and Consistency of Blood Smears as Part of an Integrated Sysmex HST-N™ or Sysmex XE-AlphaN™ System

The SP-1000i provides a rapid, consistent way to prepare peripheral blood smears within the laboratory. The system can help fully realize productivity gains as part of an integrated Alpha or HST system.
  • Improves and standardizes smear turnaround time
    • Rapid smear preparation with first-in, first-out slide preparation and staining
    • Only aspirates blood from samples that require a smear
    • Has ability to use colored slides to help differentiate STAT from routine samples
  • Reflexive slide preparation: applies laboratory defined criteria to prepare smears
  • Low sample volume requirements: onboard micro-sample mode aspirates 60 µL of sample volume to prepare and stain quality smears
  • Consistently produces quality smears
    • Uses a combination of unique slide cassette and bathless staining process
    • Automatically adjusts the angle, speed and blood volume based on HCT value of sample
  • Flexible operation
    • Has ability to stain pre-made smears (e.g., body fluid, bone marrow samples)
    • Can produce multiple smears automatically
Shaking20Hands.jpg Systems 1 XE-Series Analyzer
1 SP-1000i Slide Maker Stainer
Throughput XE-Series Analyzer: 150 samples/hr (max.)
SP-1000i: 120 slides/hr (max.)
Footprint (W x D) 12'5" x 43"
HST_Line_Cropped_360X288.png Systems 2 XE-Series Analyzers
1 SP-1000i Slide Maker Stainer
Throughput 2 XE-Series Analyzers: 300 samples/hr (max.)
SP-1000i: 120 slides/hr (max.)
Footprint (W x D) 17'1" x 43"
Shaking20Hands.jpg Systems 2 XE-Series Analyzers
2 SP-1000i Slide Maker Stainers
Throughput 2 XE-Series Analyzers: 300 samples/hr (max.)
2 SP-1000i: 240 slides/hr (max.)
Footprint (W x D) 22' x 43"
Systems 1 XE-Series Analyzer
1 SP-1000i Slide Maker Stainer
Throughput XE-Series Analyzer: 150 samples/hr (max.)
SP-1000i: 120 slides/hr (max.)
Footprint (W x D) 87.7" x 41"
Sysmex’s Laboratory Solutions Consultants (LSC) assist you in determining the configuration that best meets your testing volume, work flow goals and growth projections.

Unique Applications to Provide You with Consistent, Quality Smears

Slide preparation:
  • Uses robust, self-cleaning slide spreader to prepare monolayer smears
  • Directly prints information onto the slide with lab defined options that may include:
    • One or two dimensional barcode labels
    • Patient name
    • Bar code number
    • Instrument specific result
  • Automatically dries smears prior to staining
  • Houses slides in individual cassettes 
  • Dual onboard slide storage towers to provide capacity and ability to house different color slides for visual differentiation of STAT smears
  • Adjustable staining times to allow laboratory to obtain optimal stained smears
  • Recycles stain to help reduce stain waste
  • Unique, reusable slide cassette design prevents stain evaporation and produces consistent staining
  • Automatically dries stained smears before reaching output area

How can Sysmex help my lab become more efficient and productive?

In addition to the HST-N and XE-AlphaN configurations, Sysmex provides a comprehensive line of products and services designed to streamline workflow and keep your hematology laboratory running smoothly.

Information integration is within your reach. Sysmex gives you a unique platform to achieve consolidated data management, a comprehensive set of complex rules and access to data across your enterprise regardless of the number of sites or the number of LISs involved. To learn more about upgrading your lab from simple instrument-based rules to a system-wide information management system, click here.

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Microscopic urinalysis can be time consuming, unstandardized and fatiguing. To learn more about automating urine formed element analysis using fluorescent flow cytometry, click here.

The Sysmex Customer Resource Center (CRC) is your on-line portal to information and tools to get your lab started and support you every step of the way. The CRC offers complimentary webinars for continuing education for Sysmex customers and registered visitors. The extensive CRC document library provides and archive of tools and documents. The Insight™ Inter-laboratory Quality Assurance Program is also accessible to registered users through the CRC. To learn more about how you can get started using the Sysmex CRC today, click here.

Learning lasts a lifetime. To learn more about the educational programs available from Sysmex, click here.

To help you get started and to provide a high level of service throughout the life of your system, we provide you with an extensive array of service and support programs. To learn more about the services that support your system, click here.

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