Automation Solutions for Hematology

Integrate Slide Making and Staining

Flexible, scalable and reliable automation platforms help laboratories of every size work smarter.

The combination of the sophisticated Sysmex® XE-Series hematology analyzers, the advanced Sysmex SP-1000i slide maker/stainer and a reliable automation platform allows laboratories to improve productivity while delivering quality clinical data rapidly and consistently.

HST-N: The Sysmex HST-N Total Hematology Automation System includes a combination of the XE-Series hematology instruments, SP-1000i slide maker/stainer and a rack-based track system.


XE-AlphaN: The Sysmex XE-AlphaN Integrated Hematology System provides an efficient automation solution. The system includes an XE-Series hematology instrument and an SP-1000i slide maker/stainer integrated onto a track-based, compact benchtop automation system.


SP-1000i: The Sysmex SP-1000i is a fully automated, integrated slide preparation and staining unit that provides high quality blood smears with consistency and reliability.

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