Sysmex® XE-Series Automated Hematology Analyzers

The XE-Series analyzers harness the power of advanced technology, clinically relevant information and high reliability to maximize productivity, quality and uptime. The XE-Series analyzer is fast, easy-to-use and simple to maintain. The semiconductor laser, cell specific lyse and patented fluorescent flow cytometry technology are designed to make even your most abnormal patient samples routine. Enumeration of NRBC and immature granulocytes (IG) provide accurate WBC counts with fewer manual differentials or manual counts. A second on-board fluorescent platelet technology to complement impedance technology provides a fluorescent PLT-O count. Body fluid analysis of CSF, serous and synovial fluids provides low end linearity and automates time consuming chamber counting. This instrument series has a history of reliability and productivity to provide efficiency for the hematology laboratory.

XE-5000: A high volume, sophisticated analyzer that offers useful clinical parameters to aid physicians in better patient care. Comprehensive reticulocyte analysis has been expanded to include RET-He, the hemoglobin concentration of reticulocytes, with this analyzer. Immature platelet fraction as a percentage of total platelets is also available. Body fluid analysis provides seven parameters including a 2-part WBC Differential.


XE-2100: An easy to use, high volume analyzer for the routine laboratory. RET-He is optional on the standard XE-2100. Body fluid analysis provides RBC and WBC counts.

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