Sysmex XT-2000iV Automated Hematology Analyzer
A Customizable Solution for Multi-Species Analysis

The XT-2000iV toxicology and veterinary hematology analyzer provides a reliable, customizable solution for multi-species analysis.  The analyzer utilizes the same patented fluorescent flow cytometry principle for cell counting as the proven Sysmex® X-Series technology.  Minimal upkeep and small sample volume are mainstays of the XT-V system.  

The XT-V’s easy to use software was developed specifically for veterinary hematology with ten preprogrammed species and 20 laboratory customizable species.  An unlimited number of profiles can be stored for each species.  Gates can be modified on previously run sample results without rerunning samples.  Due to the XT-V’s open and robust nature, unique fluid types such as bronchial alveolar lavage fluid and bone marrow are run with ease. 

The XT-V is for animal use only, not for human sample analysis.

The XT-2000iV System is Designed for Accuracy, Flexibility and Ease of Use

  • Patented fluorescent flow cytometry technology
  • Easy to use open software design
  • Ten preprogrammed species and 20 customizable species
  • Unlimited profiles stored within each species
  • Manual gating for customized results
  • Whole blood and body fluids
  • Small sample volume
  • Minimal maintenance

The XT-2000iV Provides Leading Edge Technology, Customizable Software and Sample Flexibility

Open design allows for manual gating; FDA 21 CFR Part II compliant


Monkey, rat, mouse, dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, cow, pig, horse
Twenty additional species

Unlimited in any species
Size (w x h x d) [inches]
Main unit
Pneumatic unit

20.5 x 24.8 x 19.7
20.5 x 8.7 x 4.3
11.2 x 14 x 15.8
Sample Volume 
Autosampler/manual closed
Manual open mode
Capillary mode

150 µL
85 µL
40 µL

Sample Types Whole blood, bronchial alveolar lavage fluid, and bone marrow
Daily/Weekly Maintenance Automated cleaning sequence takes 15 minutes daily.  Power off unit once weekly.
For additional specifications, please refer to the product brochure.
Red Blood Cells and Platelets - RBCs and platelets are counted in a dedicated channel using the direct current detection method with hydrodynamic focusing technology to minimize coincidence or recirculation. Automatic discriminators separate the two cell populations based on complex algorithms. The intensity of the electronic pulse from each analyzed RBC is proportional to the cell volume. The hematocrit (HCT) is directly determined based on the count and volume detection of each individual RBC. Even with samples at extremely low or unusually high concentrations, the Sysmex cell counters analyze RBCs and platelets with uncompromised precision and accuracy.
Hemoglobin Analysis - The Sysmex sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) method for hemoglobin analysis is a non-cyanide method. Hemoglobin is determined in a separate channel, minimizing interference from high leukocyte concentrations. The SLS method shows excellent correlation with the reference method. With very short reaction times, this method is ideal for high throughput analyzers.
Fluorescent Flow Cytometry - Traditional flow cytometry is considered the best method for the differentiation of cell populations. However, it requires the use of costly antigen-antibody reagents and the procedures can be cumbersome and time consuming. Sysmex has refined basic techniques of flow cytometry and uses highly specific polymethine dyes to adapt that sophisticated technology to the high volume and automation requirements of the clinical lab. In order to meet the clinical demands for more accurate routine differentiation of normal and abnormal cells, flow applications using simple but sophisticated fluorescent dyes will continue to be expanded to fit the needs of routine CBC testing.
WBC Differential - Fluorescent labeling is a milestone for the routine WBC differential. Fluorescent measurement reveals the nucleus-plasma ratio of each individually stained cell, enabling the XT-Series analyzers to differentiate 6 reportable WBC populations. The combination of side scatter (inner complexity of the cell), forward scatter (volume) and fluorescence of nucleic acid material determines the classification of each WBC. The XT-Series utilizes an Adaptive Cluster Analysis System (ACAS) instead of conventional discriminators to separate cell populations into well defined clusters. This three-dimensional measurement of WBC provides an accurate and precise differential, even in highly pathological samples.
Reticulocytes and Platelets - Fluorescent technology is also used to offer efficient and reproducible analysis of the reticulocyte count and maturation stages. The advanced technology allows an accurate count of reticulocytes and fluorescent platelets, even in extremely low concentrations and in samples with giant platelets or red cell fragments. Due to higher fluorescent intensity of nucleated cells, such as leukocytes and nucleated red blood cells or red blood cells containing Howell-Jolly Bodies, these cells are distinctly separated from reticulocytes. The RNA/DNA content of reticulocytes decreases over time until they mature into erythrocytes that are without nucleic acid residues. A population of very early reticulocytes, the IRF (Immature Reticulocyte Fraction) is analyzed and reported, providing information about the rate of production of reticulocytes. In addition, measurement of the fluorescent platelets (PLT-O) can help resolve impedance platelet flags and reduce manual slide review.
The XT-2000iV multi-species hematology analyzer has an easy to use open software concept.  You have the ultimate flexibility and can modify the results by using the manual gating tool.  Although the analyzer comes preprogrammed with ten species, an additional 20 customized species can be added to the system.  Each species can store an unlimited number of profiles.  Gating profiles can be applied to previously run samples for even further result refinement without rerunning the specimens.  The manual gating feature is also useful for running body fluids, such as bronchial alveolar lavage and bone marrow.  The XT-V software is FDA 21 CFR Part II compliant.  All result changes are tracked in the system and have user definable access.
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