Sysmex WAM and Cell Image Analysis
Sysmex WAM is uniquely positioned to help hematology laboratories of all sizes access the quality and productivity improvements provided by automated blood and body fluid cell image analysis systems.
To provide the highest level of automated manual differential processing, we developed a sophisticated interface and configuration model between Sysmex WAM and the Sysmex Cell Image Analysis Portfolio.  Our integration model facilitates two levels of manual differential processing and it offers you choices of configuration to support your laboratory’s manual differential workflow requirements.

Sysmex WAM communicates directly with the cell image analyzer, managing orders and results bidirectionally.  Results are stored centrally in Sysmex WAM, available for future delta and previous result checking.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Based on how you configure the rules, Sysmex WAM coordinates and manages supplemental manual differential reviews on critical/abnormal results.  Final results are sent from Sysmex WAM to the LIS.

During the installation, Sysmex provides a full range of Sysmex WAM documentation for configuration, settings and validation testing to help your cell image analyzer get implemented and in production use quickly.  Our experts handle translation table configuration and other behind the scenes technical implementation tasks that enable a high level of integration between Sysmex WAM and cell image analyzers for a smooth go-live.
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