Intelligent Rules Engine
The rules engine is the driver behind the intelligence and decision support.  Sysmex has developed a library of rules based on the ISLH consensus rules and drawing from our customers’ best practices for hematology and A1c testing.  Sysmex will work with you to review, select and modify these rules or develop new rules to support your workflow design, speed throughput, reduce processing steps and decrease smear review rates.
Because Sysmex WAM is designed and developed by Sysmex, we have been able to create a high level of specificity aligned with our instrument solutions.  This not only facilitates a more granular operation of the automation, but most customers realize a higher auto-validation rate than by using only LIS or general middleware rules.
All sites with instrumentation connected to WAM have the ability to implement auto-validation.  From the smallest clinics to the largest centralized labs, intelligent automation helps you to increase your lab’s capacity.
Deploying the centralized rule set to all locations means your lab’s work product is more standardized, enabling your staff to consistently adhere to result review standards and meet turnaround time goals.
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