Unattended Efficiency

Sysmex introduced the world’s first fully automated urine particle analyzer in 1995 and transformed visual urinalysis, a time-consuming and labor-intensive procedure. Advanced Sysmex automated urine particle analyzers use laser-based fluorescent flow cytometry to provide results you can trust. They operate unattended, allowing laboratory technologists to concentrate on more complex tasks.

Customers located in Canada: Product availability may be different from the U.S.. Please call Sales at 1-866-779-7639 for more information.

CLINITEK® AUWi System: Sysmex America, Inc. is pleased to partner with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics to provide a fully integrated urinalysis instrument, the CLINITEK® AUWi System. This instrument combines the Sysmex UF-1000i Automated Urine Particle Analyzer with the Siemens CLINITEK Atlas® Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer. This system offers an automatic rack transport and intelligent software that manages reflexing rules and interfaces to your LIS or middleware solution. This instrument is distributed by Siemens. For more details, including a video demonstration of the instrument, please follow this link to the Siemens website.

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