Sysmex UF-1000i™ Automated Urine Particle Analyzer​​
A New Generation Automated Urine Analyzer

How much valuable time and effort do you spend in urinalysis attending centrifugation, preparing slides and visually reviewing samples? Routine urine formed element analysis typically involves many manual steps that can make the process time consuming and laborious.

Sysmex’s proven UF-1000i technology offers laboratories a breakthrough in automation, standardization and efficiency. Fully automated, rapid sample processing enhances laboratory workflow, improves turnaround times and frees skilled technologists to devote their time to other laboratory priorities.

The UF-1000i Transforms Urinalysis from a Labor Intensive, Visual Process to an Easy to Use Automated Platform You Can Rely On.

Quality: The UF-1000i provides results you can count on. Using fluorescent flow cytometry, testing variables are reduced to improve standardization and efficiency. The UF is designed for low maintenance and high reliability. But when you do need them, the Sysmex team of technology experts is available to provide you with outstanding service and support.

Simplicity: Operation of the UF-1000i is simple and familiar, just like many other automated systems in the laboratory. Simply load tubes onto the sampler and press the start button. Then walk away. The analysis is automatic and completely unattended. You return to final results. Eleven formed element types are automatically classified. Sample validation is supported by an extensive, user-definable flagging system. You review only by exception.

Efficiency: Time is valuable in today's laboratories. Microscopic urinalysis can be subjective and require constant time and attention, resulting in low productivity. With the UF-1000i, final urinalysis results are available in about a minute. Automated, immediate analysis improves workflow resulting in faster turnaround time of patient results.

The UF-1000i Provides Leading Edge Technology, Speed and Efficiency

Urine flow cytometry using two stains with fluorescent dye
Separate bacteria channel for improved discrimination
Throughput 100 samples/hour (max.)
Sample Volume Manual mode: 1 mL
Sampler mode: 4 mL
Parameters Enumerated Parameters: RBC, WBC, Epithelial Cells, Casts, Bacteria
Flagging Parameters: Pathological Casts, Crystals, Small Round Cells, Sperm, Yeast, Mucus
For additional specifications, please refer to the brochure.
Fluorescent Flow Cytometry - The UF-1000i series advanced, laser-based fluorescent flow cytometry to achieve quality results, simply and efficiently. This novel technology enables the UF-Series to differentiate between cell populations without technologist intervention or visual identification of formed elements. The use of fluorescent flow cytometry for urinalysis is a substantial innovation of the Sysmex UF-Series. The UF-1000i uses fluorescent dyes to stain the formed elements in urine. Each formed element class generates a distinctive signal pattern based on the formed element's internal composition. The combination of side scatter (inner complexity of the cell), forward scatter (volume) and fluorescent signals of the stained cells provides precise measurements of each detected formed element. The UF-Series utilizes an Adaptive Cluster Analysis System (ACAS) instead of conventional discriminators to separate formed element populations. Standardized, high quality results are available quickly and reporting patient results is accelerated.
Sysmex America, Inc. is pleased to partner with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics to provide a fully integrated urinalysis instrument, the CLINITEK® AUWi System. This instrument combines the Sysmex UF-1000i Automated Urine Particle Analyzer with the Siemens CLINITEK Atlas® Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer. This system offers an automatic rack transport and intelligent software that manages reflexing rules and interfaces to your LIS or middleware solution. This instrument is distributed by Siemens. For more details including a video demonstration of the instrument, please follow this link to the Siemens website.​​
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