Powerful Tools to Optimize Instrument Performance

With Sysmex's technology solutions, you can harness the power of the internet.  Utilizing our proprietary software, SNCS, we provide you with a full suite of e-Tools to help you assure quality and optimize instrument performance.  Because it is web based, you can access the information you need anytime, anywhere.

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Remote Monitoring:  With unobtrusive, remote and real-time monitoring, we track your instrument performance, configuration settings and back-up settings continuously (24/7).  The data is linked to our tracking and dispatch system, allowing us to proactively identify and follow up on potential issues.  This helps enable faster resolution.


Managed Calibration:  Sysmex Managed Calibration is a long standing program designed to provide instrument calibration services for our hematology products, including all models of KX, XS, XT, and XE instruments.  Through this program, we manage your lab's six-month calibration verification requirements and provide full instrument calibration when required.   

Sysmex’s approach to partnership with your lab is a collaborative process for verifying calibration of your hematology analyzers.  You choose how Sysmex manages your calibration.  Sysmex Managed Calibration can be accomplished either through an SNCS connection with a calibration specialist or by a trained Field Service Representative (FSR) at your site.  


Sysmex Insight:  Sysmex's web based inter-laboratory quality assessment program for its hematology analyzers, is designed to facilitate evaluation of analyzer performance.  Eliminate manual steps and meet your requirements to document, review and maintain history for peer comparison data for your analyzer by uploading quality control data into this system.  Review streamlined and comprehensive reports with statistical and graphical presentation of analyzer performance anytime from anywhere.


e-Supply*:  The Sysmex reagent inventory management program is designed to assist your lab in managing reagent ordering and inventory.  Based on your usage patterns, we deliver reagents to help eliminate stock-out situations while reducing your on-site inventory.
* e-Supply is currently available for Sysmex customers who have standalone, X-Series analyzers with active SNCS connections.


Order Tracking:  Whether you place a supplemental order or have a standing order, you can easily and conveniently track it online from the Sysmex Customer Resource Center.


Education:  At Sysmex’s Center for Learning, we understand the role that ongoing learning plays in both implementation and management of your lab.  We offer a blended learning approach that includes instructor led courses, self-guided e-Learning, virtual classrooms and webinars to meet both your initial training needs and your continuing education requirements.


Customer Resource Center:  The Sysmex Customer Resource Center (CRC) puts an expansive library of Sysmex information, documentation and expert resources in your hands.  The CRC is your online, single information source with access anywhere, anytime.  This service provides a customized view of the information your lab needs. 

Available information includes:
CLSI-formatted procedure templates Operator manuals
Implementation manuals Installation guides
Technology overview information Quick guides
Insight™ IQAP Portal e-Supply reagent inventory management portal
Training portal - Center for Learning Slide supported case studies
...and much more!
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