E-LEARNING Training 
E-LEARNING Training 
E-LEARNING Training 

Bringing everyone to the same level of competency requires time and effort. With the Sysmex e-Learning library, you
and your staff can attend e-Learning courses that are on demand, and interactive focusing on Sysmex hematology,
middleware and quality control. Sysmex customers can review course outlines by logging onto the Customer Resource
Center (CRC)
. (Click here for instructions on how to register with Sysmex CRC).

These courses are available to you and your staff any time and anywhere you can connect to the internet. We’ve
designed the interactive courses to offer the same training to all your staff, regardless of their working schedule.
On-demand, self paced, with unlimited access, the e-Learning courses give you the targeted information you need,
right when you need it.

Are you ready for training for your analyzer or software?

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