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More than just hemostasis analyzers

Sysmex’s innovative portfolio of hemostasis analyzers, reagents and controls are designed with quality, reliability and efficiency in mind. We provide advanced hemostasis technology across multiple platforms to match the needs of clinical laboratories of all sizes.

Select the right hemostasis solution for your laboratory

CA-600 product

Sysmex CA-600 Series™

The CA-600 Series is a compact, fully automated hemostasis analyzer incorporating coagulation, chromogenic* and immunoturbidimetric* methodologies. This easy-to-use system is the ideal solution for low-volume laboratories, or as a powerful backup in a larger laboratory setting.

*CA-660 only

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Sysmex CS-2500™

The CS-2500 is a fully automated, high-performance hemostasis analyzer that incorporates multi-wavelength technology and PSI™ checks to perform coagulation, chromogenic, immunoturbidimetric and aggregation* testing in full random access. This compact, bench top system is the perfect addition to any mid to high volume laboratory.

**For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures. RUO assays must be validated before use in clinical practice.

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Sysmex CS-5100™

The CS-5100 utilizes the latest technology to automate a wide range of coagulation tests with rapid throughput. PSI™ checks and multi-wavelength detection combined with full random access testing make the CS-5100 ideal for complex, high volume hemostasis laboratories.

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High performance is in the details

PSI™ technology* provides pre-analytical checks for sample volume and interfering substances, while Simultaneous Multi-wavelength Detection Technology* ensures accurate results for true clinical value.

*Available on CS-2500 and CS-5100 analyzers only


Proven Reagents

A wide selection of industry-trusted reagents for routine and specialty hemostasis testing. Lot sequestering is available for reagents that are frequently used, and many specialized reagents provide stable calibration curves in a ready-to-use liquid formula.

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Best-in-class Service

Sysmex’s award-winning service teams are dedicated to helping busy hemostasis laboratories manage workflow, improve lab operations and elevate patient care.

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