BeyondCareSM Quality Monitor For Urinalysis

Beyondcare Quality Monitor For Urinalysis
Quality control — simplified, consolidated

BeyondCare Quality Monitor for Urinalysis (BCQMu) is an automated quality control management program that can reduce analyzer downtime by providing the laboratory with proactive monitoring and immediate identification of potential errors. Uniting your laboratory with Sysmex innovation, quality assurance becomes transformed to provide simplified and consolidated QC procedures. BCQMu streamlines the end-to-end process of running controls and reviewing results while taking the guesswork out of quality control management.

  • Standardize laboratory Quality Control (QC) practices to help minimize downtime
  • Red, yellow and green color-coded alerts intuitively track and annotate quality control, simplifying the compliance process
  • Get automatic alerts when QC data exceeds target
  • Receive reminders when QC needs to be performed
  • Customize by laboratory shift activity and QC statistical reports

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