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As President and CEO of Sysmex America, Inc., I want to personally thank you for your interest in our company.  I have been a Sysmex associate for many years and have thoroughly enjoyed working for a company that’s passionate about its people and its products.
Most companies in our industry are general service providers with their staffs expected to support a wide breadth of products.  Sysmex is focused on “best-in-class” hematology, urinalysis and information technology products.  Therefore, we look for and work hard to keep qualified associates with skill sets in these specific areas.  Our continuous training programs enhance our associates' product knowledge while sharpening their skills to proactively address the needs of our customers.  It is our intent that if a person’s resume has “Sysmex” on it, then people within the IVD industry will equate that person’s knowledge, skills and experience with that of a Harvard MBA.  In fact, our efforts to “grow” our associates personally and professionally have been nationally recognized. 
The Center for the Company That Cares has honored Sysmex America for three consecutive years for our company’s efforts in developing associates and leaders, supporting the pursuit of work/life balance and for providing competitive compensation and benefits, among others. 
Our hematology products also have been recognized nationally.  For eleven consecutive years, Sysmex has received the highest rating among industry competitors for instrument performance meeting customer expectations as shown in independent research conducted by IMV ServiceTrak
We know that the spectrum of clinical excellence begins with the core technology and clinical utility of a laboratory’s instrumentation and ends with diagnosis, treatment and improved quality of life for the patient – a patient who could very well be the spouse, mother, father, child or sibling of one of our own.  Whether it’s for “one of our own” or for someone whom we’ll never meet, we set our professional standards high at Sysmex America because we are a company that cares about our associates, our customers and the patients whom they serve. 
Bottom line, our people and our products are best-in-class.  We invite you to consider growing with our company.  Explore the opportunities.  There has never been a better time to be a part of the Sysmex team.
John Kershaw
President & CEO
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The most meaningful achievements are inspired by the pursuit to find a better way to solve problems, save time, money, effort, and most importantly, human lives.  If that is where your priorities rest, Sysmex is the perfect place to build your career.  Believing in the power of people, we take pride in providing quality service and encourage our entire team to find a better way: The Sysmex Way.

What we do at Sysmex sounds rather complex.  We are a global leader in the design and development of high quality, reliable and innovative clinical diagnostic hematology, coagulation and urinalysis analyzers and information systems.  Still, the impact we make is easy to see.  We help to positively affect patient care by providing laboratories with systems that help them work smarter.

Recognized worldwide for offering innovative diagnostic solutions and information management systems, we are dedicated to achieving critical breakthroughs in laboratory diagnostics, information technology, workflow analysis and life sciences for the clinical laboratory.  We leverage our global resources to emphasize research and development, resulting in a line of exceptional products and services.

Do you want to become part of something truly meaningful?  You have found a better way: The Sysmex Way.

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Sysmex offers a wide variety of professional opportunities and a better way to apply your skills and enhance the quality of life for others.  
The continued success of Sysmex relies upon the superior talent, ambition and vision of our associates.  Join our team, and help us build an even stronger, more promising legacy of excellence.
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