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At Sysmex, we believe that the responsibility for continuous improvement and our overall success is shared by our associates and our company.  Recognizing that our teams are the primary source of our profitability, we offer them every opportunity to use their talents.

We foster an environment that is focused on achieving measurable results, professional growth, continuous learning, excellence and quality.  Appreciating the power of the individual and the ideas each brings, we encourage and reward ideas from everyone in our organization.  One way we achieve this is through our global “Value Quest” innovation program, which captures feedback and suggestions on ways to improve our business and enhance the communities we serve.

If you care about the quality of your work and want to continuously learn and apply new skills, we believe you will thrive at Sysmex.

At Sysmex, we have adopted commitments to the future.  We will continually develop advanced technologies, create value with the aim of serving our customers and society at large and play a key role in contributing to the health and vitality of people around the world.  We accomplish these commitments by following our company philosophy: The Sysmex Way.

We are committed to the Sysmex Way with every action we take as individuals, and as a company.  Sysmex fosters a collaborative environment between management and our associates that allows us to develop creative and innovative ways to meet the needs of our customers and provide exceptional service.  Our incomparable combination of talent and diversity has made us a leader in our field.

Diversity Statement:  Sysmex is an equal opportunity employer that values the strength diversity brings to the workplace without regard to age, citizenship, color, disability, gender, national origin, race , religion, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran and uniformed military status or any status protected by law.

This is an important era in the development of Sysmex as an organization, because we are growing rapidly and making important decisions affecting the direction of our business.  To maximize our success, we seek talented professionals to help shape the future of our company and help lead us to even greater heights of excellence.  You can contribute your talent, experience and ideas in any or all of the following areas:
Technical Services
Technical Services is responsible for the installation, maintenance and technical support of all Sysmex products at client sites.  Hematology Information Technology Specialists (HITS) is a part of Technical Services and is responsible for the Sysmex WAM product line and provides system engineering, interface development and customer support.  HITS collaborates with Service and Sales and Finance to ensure that the product is delivered and supported with optimal success.  Our Field Service Representatives have the most direct contact with our clients and are vital to maintaining the technical quality of our products and professional relationships with our customers. 
The Sales organization is responsible for calling on hospital labs, reference labs and physician office labs throughout the nation.  This group is responsible for the sales of hematology instrumentation ranging from small bench-top systems to fully automated lines.  Our more complex products allow lab technicians to distinguish different types of blood cells and assist doctors in the diagnosis of various diseases.  Sales professionals are responsible for assisting their customers in the development of laboratory instrument solutions that improve efficiency with the latest technology.
The Marketing and Medical Affairs team includes Product Management, Scientific Marketing, Marketing Communications, Business Development, Market Research and Medical Affairs.  This function is responsible for managing the marketing of the overall Sysmex brand while promoting and supporting each Sysmex product brand throughout its lifecycle with brochures, advertising, trade shows and client events.  Marketing Professionals make technological presentations to clients, organize and manage medical studies that prove the efficacy of our analyzers and work with researchers to publish papers or speak on our behalf.  In addition, they support many other departments by developing and conducting surveys and providing research data essential to making sound business decisions.
Comprised of Customer Service, Accounts Receivable Collections, Purchasing, Facilities Management, Planning and Logistics, Operations/IT is responsible for Sysmex America’s end-to-end supply chain.  This team supports Sysmex clients from the point of sale through the implementation process and then continue to offer support through the Customer Service team.  In addition, this department supports internal customers by coordinating the shipment of instruments, reagents and controls in accordance with the installation schedule, thus improving efficiency and reducing costs.  Operations/IT Professionals develop and support technology hardware and software tools needed to run the company with maximum efficiency, providing solutions for every functional business area.  They achieve their goals with a broad spectrum of technology that includes internal ERP systems, analytical reporting, Web services, collaboration services and mobile field devices.  These individuals provide software tools for external clients (online training, technical product information, automated ordering, online instrument monitoring and analytical reports), and extend automated capabilities to distributors and vendors through EDI and collaborative software.  In addition, our data center and help desk areas support the entire Sysmex organization with such innovative solutions as virtualization and wireless capabilities. 
Regulatory/Quality/Clinical Affairs
Regulatory/Quality/Clinical Affairs ensures corporate compliance with the various federal, state and local laws and regulations that apply to the sale and support of medical devices in the Americas.  These include, but are not limited to, the FDA, Health Canada, the EPA, the Department of Transportation and OSHA.  Quality Systems professionals work with other Sysmex functions to ensure that all quality management system requirements are met and documented.  Clinical Research Associates typically enjoy spending time on the road, interfacing directly with clients and working with new and innovative products. 
The Finance function is responsible for payment to vendors for our US and Canadian operations, as well as cash receipts and payroll for our US operations.  Additional duties include compliance with contracts regarding invoicing, lease payments and monitoring of reagent usage.  The Human Resources function is responsible for establishing a positive, productive professional culture.  This team also handles recruitment, training, organizational development, performance management, policy and benefit administration and associate relations. 
Manufacturing is responsible for producing the reagents that are used in Sysmex instrumentation.  The reagents produced at SRA supplies reagents to approximately 32 different countries in North, Central and South America.  The manufacturing function is comprised of Production, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Production Planning and Control, Supply Chain Management and Plant Maintenance.  Manufacturing adheres to the standards established by 21 CFR Part 820, Quality System Regulations (QSR), ISO 13485  and ISO 14001.  We are in compliance with the FDA, Health Canada, the EPA, the Department of Transportation, OSHA and with foreign regulations where we commercialize our products.
To better serve our clients, Sysmex offers four locations.  Therefore, you might find yourself working for us at Sysmex America, Inc. (SAI), Sysmex Reagents America, Inc. (SRA), Sysmex Canada, Inc. (SCI) or Sysmex Latin America (SLA).  Our organization believes that associates flourish in a virtual environment.  As a result, many of our positions are “remote based,” to give associates work flexibility.  Currently within Sysmex America, there are over 700 associates working to find a better way and grow our business.

Sysmex America, Inc. (SAI) Based in Mundelein, Illinois, this facility serves as the North and South American headquarters of the Sysmex Corporation.  SAI distributes and supports automated in vitro diagnostic hematology and urinalysis analyzers, reagents and information systems for laboratories and healthcare facilities throughout the Western Hemisphere.  Extending the boundaries of diagnostic science, we provide the management information tools that make a real difference in clinical and operational results for people worldwide.  Sysmex America offers quality products that meet the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices and Quality System Requirements.  Sysmex America is ISO 13485 certified.  In addition, we also maintain ISO 14001 certification through our efforts and commitment to environmental protection. 

Sysmex Reagents America, Inc. (SRA)  Located in close proximity to SAI on our Mundelein, IL corporate campus, Sysmex Reagents America, Inc. is a state-of-the-art diagnostic reagents manufacturing plant.  With more than 53,000 square feet of space, this facility marks a definitive milestone in our company’s strategic initiative to serve our hematology clients through a single point of contact.  As the demand for Sysmex hematology products continues to increase, this plant increases our production capacity.  Its location in the central region of the US is designed to reduce reagent transportation costs and allows us to respond to client needs quickly and efficiently. 

Sysmex Canada, Inc. (SCI)  Established in January of 2008, Sysmex Canada is located in Mississauga, Ontario.  SCI is a direct seller for the complete line of Sysmex hematology and urinalysis instruments.  Serving mainly hospitals and reference laboratories, this organization serves the nation of Canada. 

Sysmex Latin America, Inc. (SLA)  In charge of managing the distributors in Latin America and the Caribbean area, SLA has regional offices in San Paulo and Miami, as well as professional scientific and technical support teams based in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.  This way we guarantee our presence throughout the region, participating in a strong market growth as the major hematology, urinalysis and coagulation supplier.  SLA also has a reagent manufacturing plant strategically located in Paraná, Brazil.  This facility supplies South American distributors.  Sysmex Brazil has the following certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, OHSAS 1800 and SA 8000.

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