Cell Image Analysis

The Sysmex® Cell Image Analysis Portfolio includes the Sysmex DI-60 and C​ellaVision DM-Series analyzers. Sysmex i​s uniquely positioned to provide hematology laboratories of all sizes access to the quality and productivity improvements offered by automated cell image analysis systems.

Automated cell image analysis offers you improved consistency of cell identification, helps utilize resources more efficiently, contributes to employee satisfaction and retention, and offers the value of streamlined collaboration with clinicians.

Sysmex® DI-60: The Sysmex DI-60 brings the efficiencies of cell image analysis directly to the XN-Series automation solution.  Laboratories can now experience the clinical, operational and financial benefits provided by the first fully integrated hematology system.


CellaVision® DM9600: This analyzer locates blood cells on a prepared slide, pre-classifies the white blood cells, pre-characterizes parts of the RBC morphology and provides functionality for platelet estimation. By automating the manual differential, laboratories can experience enhanced turnaround times without sacrificing quality. The high degree of automation allows for an escalating workload without additional headcount.


CellaVision® DM1200: Designed with the smaller laboratory in mind, the DM1200 combines newly designed hardware with equivalent operation to the DM9600. The DM-Series analyzers may share a single database while processing slides from both core and satellite laboratories within a health system.

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