Automated Hematology Systems

IMV AwardsSysmex is a global leader in clinical hematology analyzers, information systems and services*. Our hematology analyzers meet the high standards clinical laboratories expect and require. Each analyzer with the Sysmex name is designed and manufactured by Sysmex. We are proud of our reputation for providing you with the highest rated* and most advanced hematology diagnostics.

*MD Buyline™ and IMV ServiceTrak™

Scalable Automation


Sysmex XN-9100 Hematology Analyzer

The XN-9100 is a scalable, modular, full automation system that can be individually customized for maximum efficiency.

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Sysmex RU-20 Reagent Delivery System

The RU-20 Reagent Delivery System provides diluent to up to three XN-Series analyzers and reduces the amount of reagent changes.

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XN Series™ Automated Hematology Complementary Products


BT-50 Barcode Terminal

The BT-50 Barcode Terminal will automate your Quality Control performance with on-board storage and scheduled runtimes. Additional scheduled start-up and daily maintenance can alleviate staffing challenges.

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TA-01 Automated Tube Archiver

The TA-01 Automated Tube Archiver provides archiving for completed samples, individual tube retrieval and storage areas for samples needing further testing.

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TS-01 Automated Tube Sorter

The TS-01 Automated Tube Sorter has a high sorting capability to bring efficiency and optimization to your automation solutions.

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Compact Automation


Sysmex XN-1000 Hematology Analyzer

Capable of processing 100 samples per hour. Onboard decision rules and advanced parameters are standard offerings.

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Sysmex XN-2000 Hematology Analyzer

An integrated co-primary hematology system with two analytical modules capable of processing 200 samples per hour.

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Sysmex XN-3100 Hematology Analyzer

The XN-3100 is the small, smart, compact automation for mid- to high-volume laboratories.

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XN-L Series™


Sysmex XN-350 Hematology Analyzer

Open tube sampling. Integrated IPU with LCD color touchscreen and intuitive XN software.

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Sysmex XN-450 Hematology Analyzer

Closed mode sampler. Integrated IPU with LCD color touchscreen and intuitive XN software.

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Sysmex XN-550 Hematology Analyzer

Automated sample loader. Intelligent, integrated rack sampling and automatic rerun & reflex functionality.

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Hematology & Informatics Solutions


Sysmex Alifax Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) Analyzer

If you need to do more with less - we have a solution. Alifax® Capillary Photometry Technology is capable of providing ESR results in 20 seconds.

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Sysmex Hematology Cell Image Analysis

The Sysmex DI-60™ and CellaVision® DM-Series cell image analyzers deliver standardized, high-quality results as well as employee satisfaction.

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Sysmex offers applications designed to help laboratories streamline their clinical and operational workflows.

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Lower-Volume Lab


Sysmex pocH-100i Hematology Analyzer

The pocH-100i hematology analyzer, designed for laboratories testing up to 25 samples per day, has the smallest footprint of any hematology analyzer on the market.

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Sysmex XP-300 Hematology Analyzer

The XP-300 is a compact analyzer that offers simplified operation for small sample sizes.

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XW-100™ CLIA-Waived

Sysmex XW-100 CLIA-Waived Hematology Analyzer

The Sysmex XW-100 is the first FDA-cleared, CLIA-waived CBC analyzer to provide reliable, convenient, and often, same-visit CBC results.

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If you have any questions or inquiries, please speak with your Sysmex representative or email hemeproductmktg@sysmex.com

Customers located in Canada: Product availability may be different from the U.S.. Please call Sales at 1-866-779-7639 for more information.

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