RU-20 Reagent Delivery System

Greater Productivity. Less Lifting.
Our innovative Sysmex reagent delivery system provides important benefits to lab directors, facility managers and risk managers.

Sysmex® XN-Series™ Hematology Analyzers use the RU-20 Concentrated Reagent Delivery System to provide diluent from a 25X concentrate.

Lab director benefits: Fewer reagent changes provide greater instrument availability and improved workflow.

Facility manager benefits: Less inventory space is required to store cubes, which maximizes the use of limited space.

Risk manager benefits: Less heavy lifting from the loading dock to the storage room to the lab helps reduce back injuries and maintain OSHA compliance. Visit, enter information for your lab and see the huge difference in employee lifting for reagent boxes.

These eye-opening examples underscore the significant differences in reagent change frequency when you compare diluents head-to-head. Download the brochure to check out these monthly visualizations of reagent cube changes for different diluent products running just 250 CBCs per day for one month.

Customers located in Canada: Product availability may be different from the U.S.. Please call Sales at 1-866-779-7639 for more information.

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