At Sysmex, we have considered every aspect of the laboratorians’ and clinicians’ experiences and we’ve created a holistic, intuitive ecosystem that helps improve lab operations and promote better healthcare and patient management practices.

We work hard to ensure that our customers enjoy the greatest possible return on their investment. From implementation and training to ongoing maintenance and support, every step of our process has been engineered to reduce your operating costs, generate laboratory results faster and, above all, help expedite and improve patient care.

This holistic approach is what makes Sysmex a smarter choice and sets our integrated diagnostics solution apart from every other brand on the market today.
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As one of the pioneers in diagnostic hematology, we continue to invest heavily in its science, dramatically expanding the possibilities of what laboratory diagnostics are able to accomplish within the patient care continuum.

Our mission remains simple: to provide our customers with the most accurate and reliable results the first time a sample is run to eliminate manual reviews and increase the speed to diagnosis by the physician. Today, under that pursuit, many Sysmex customers have been able to achieve auto-validation rates as high as 90%.

At Sysmex, we are redefining the boundaries of diagnostic science.
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We have built a suite of highly advanced tools and resources that are specifically designed to deliver more business intelligence and a higher level of control than you have ever had, managing these resources – and more – all from the palm of your hand.

From the decision support capabilities of Sysmex WAM™, to pioneering the practical use of evidence-based calibration, no one in the industry continues to do more – and offer more real capabilities – to transform the total hematology environment than Sysmex.
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At Sysmex, we know that the efficiency and reliability of the hematology laboratory has never been more critical and more challenged.

We also understand that the key to a high efficiency lab is designing an environment that enables you to do more with fewer resources while not allowing technology to interfere with the overall quality of care.

That means building an intelligent and fluid system that easily recognizes and adapts to your clinical testing and daily workload needs regardless of lab size or workflow complexities – and gets valuable laboratorians out from under the microscope.
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Sysmex remains dedicated to helping busy labs manage the growing complexities of today’s advanced hematology environments through an unequaled combination of innovative resources and best-in-class personal service – all designed to continuously improve lab operations and elevate the overall level of patient care.

Every aspect of laboratory support has been integrated into a revolutionary platform that delivers the information technologists and administrators need to make more informed decisions and the level of expert support the industry has come to expect from Sysmex throughout the entire solution lifecycle.
With BeyondCare, every aspect of the laboratory experience has been integrated into a revolutionary platform that provides our customers with greater visibility into their systems, real-time data to create instantly actionable insights, and single-point support throughout the entire solution life-cycle. BeyondCare anticipates the resources you need from Sysmex and integrates them into a high-performance team that supports the way your lab operates, streamlining communications and eliminating costly layers of communication that can often contribute to analyzer downtime and work-flow issues.
  • Technical Assistance Center (TAC): Your first line of support is our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) hotline, staffed by skilled technicians who have an in-depth knowledge of Sysmex analyzers, reagents, controls, software interfaces and information technology. We take the time needed to answer your questions and resolve your issue on the phone, keeping your operation running with optimal efficiency. If your request requires an on-site visit, a certified Sysmex Service Engineer will respond promptly. To contact the Technical Assistance Center, please click here.

  • Field Support: Our skilled Service Engineers are committed to keeping your laboratory operating at peak performance levels. Every member of this team has extensive, hands-on, professional classroom training and experience in servicing Sysmex analyzers.

  • Sysmex Laboratory Solutions Consultants assess your lab processes and lead your team in collaborative solution development for continual performance improvement.

  • Sysmex Clinical Applications Specialists provide technical and operational expertise, lead onsite implementation activities and provide on-going support to optimize system performance.

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With BeyondCare, your system is proactively monitored and optimized through a leading-edge suite of tools that interfaces with your system. This establishes a total support program that specifically matches your analyzers’ use.

Proactive Monitoring – Unobtrusive, real-time monitoring of your system, linked to our tracking and dispatch system are all geared to prevent problems and downtime.

Sysmex Managed Calibration – Sysmex Calibration Specialists perform routine calibration of your analyzers remotely, ensuring you are always in compliance.

Supply Management helps your laboratory optimize the availability and consumption of your reagents and other analyzer supplies.

My Sysmex™ – Makes it easier to connect with your BeyondCare team and to access and share important information about your analyzer and laboratory performance, work-flow analytics and ongoing educational requirements – throughout your organization.

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At Sysmex, we truly understand the complex challenges hematologists are facing and will face in the future — and we will always be creating the means to solve them.

Our analyzers are a step ahead of our competition. Automation maximizes your laboratory’s capacity and productivity. Virtual access brings training and support remotely to you. These are all managed through powerful IT solutions that work with your systems, to integrate, connect and simplify — even across multiple locations.

Sysmex makes sure you receive the greatest possible return on your investment. From implementation and training to ongoing maintenance and support, every step of the process has been engineered to reduce your operating costs, improve laboratory results and – above all – enhance lives.
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