It's what makes Sysmex the smarter choice and sets our integrated diagnostics solution apart from every other brand on the market.

Even while today's analyzers accomplish more and more of the routine diagnostics, the role and the ​needs of the hematology technologist continue to evolve and expand.test

At Sysmex, we have considered every aspect of your experience and created a holistic, intuitive ecosystem that helps improve lab operations and promote better health care and patient management practices.

Clinical laboratories today are facing unprecedented challenges in meeting clinical, operational and financial demands. For more than 40 years, Sysmex has focused on extending the boundaries of diagnostic science and support for clinical labs. We strive to provide you with analyzers, services and information management tools that make a real difference in your clinical and operational results. Sysmex is committed to changing the way we protect our communities’ health by providing reliable products without making testing more expensive.

Whether your lab handles 10 or 10,000 samples every day, Sysmex has the reliable instrumentation and integrated information systems every modern laboratory needs. Sysmex offers a suite of hematology, urinalysis and hemostasis solutions that provide diagnostic results quickly in acute or non-acute care settings. Our unique information systems give you the tools to efficiently manage workflow, decision rules and laboratory information. Sysmex systems work together to help labs of any size respond quickly, provide better care, and improve patient access to your services.

We work hard to ensure that Sysmex customers enjoy the greatest possible return on their investment. From implementation and training to ongoing maintenance and support, every step of our process has been engineered to reduce your operating costs, generate laboratory results faster and, above all, help expedite and improve patient care.

This holistic approach is what makes Sysmex a smarter choice and sets our integrated diagnostics solution apart from every other brand on the market today.

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