Sysmex America Joins Clinical Lab 2.0 Movement to Support Collaboration Around Value-Based Healthcare
  Release Date:  September 16, 2019  
Sysmex Media Relations 

Chicago – September 16, 2019 – Sysmex America, Inc., a leading diagnostic solutions company offering hematology, urinalysis, information systems and flow cytometry testing technology for optimal clinical laboratory performance, has joined the Clinical Lab 2.0 movement to support collaboration around value-based healthcare. Sysmex America is providing a grant focused on a multi-institutional demonstration project developing actionable clinical strategies for anemia early detection, intervention and prevention. Clinical Lab 2.0 is a Project Santa Fe Foundation initiative established to help develop the evidence base for the valuation of clinical laboratory services in the next era of global healthcare. Sysmex America is the first corporate sponsor in this globally focused, non-exclusive and non-restrictive partnership.

Population health management, emerging as a way to support value-based healthcare, is the aggregation of patient data across multiple health information technology resources, the analysis of those data into a single, actionable patient record, and the actions through which care providers can improve both clinical and financial outcomes. Clinical Lab 2.0 is a call for laboratory leadership in managing population health and enabling value-based care to evolve.

Anemia is a common medical condition in which the body has insufficient red blood cells to meet daily demands. It is an independent predictor of morbidity and mortality when compared to healthy patient populations. Numerous studies have shown the negative impact of anemia on clinical outcomes, which in turn increases healthcare costs. Practitioners can screen for anemia using a routine complete blood count and effectively treat patients before symptoms become problematic. Healthcare systems implementing strategies to better manage anemia may significantly reduce patient complications along with associated costs.

Clinical Lab 2.0 encourages laboratories to aggregate and leverage their clinical data to support proactive care. Through risk stratification of population toward the prevalence of these conditions, identification of care gaps and high-risk patients, before they are even admitted for care, intervention of care will be facilitated. Ultimately, health economics will serve as a defining outcome measurement.

“Laboratory medicine is able to provide meaningful clinical diagnostic insights for population health initiatives that result in improved short- and long-term patient outcomes and drive cost-effective care,” said Andy Hay, chief operating officer of Sysmex America. “Opportunities include data analysis with longitudinal laboratory data, identification of patient-specific targeted interventions, and development of clinical decision support tools,” Hay said.

“The Clinical Lab 2.0 movement, with its critical measurable and actionable attributes, promotes the clinical and business model of the future for clinical laboratories,” said Khosrow Shotorbani, president and executive director of Project Santa Fe Foundation. “The Clinical Lab 2.0 movement is not possible without key industry partners like Sysmex America. We are pleased to have their support in helping us move closer to reshaping how laboratory information is used to improve healthcare,” Shotorbani said.

As a global hematology market leader with a high level of connectivity to its instruments, Sysmex America is well-positioned to offer thought leadership on the use of translational data analytics to assist in prediction of certain types of diseases. Collaboration opportunities on the global Clinical Lab 2.0 movement are available by attending the third annual Clinical Lab 2.0 Workshop being held November 3 – 5 in Chicago. For agenda and registration details, visit

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Sysmex America, Inc., the U.S. headquarters of Sysmex Corporation (Kobe, Japan), is a world leader in clinical laboratory systemization and solutions, including clinical diagnostics, automation and information systems. Serving customers for over 40 years, Sysmex focuses on extending the boundaries of diagnostic science while providing the management information tools that make a real difference in clinical and operational results for people worldwide. For more information about Sysmex, please visit

About Project Santa Fe Foundation and Clinical Lab 2.0
Clinical Lab 2.0 is a Project Santa Fe Foundation initiative. It was established to provide thought leadership and to develop the evidence base for the valuation of clinical laboratory services in the next era of global healthcare. The participants in Project Santa Fe represent major organizations in global diagnostics, uniting to operationalize laboratory-driven innovations and test their valuation in diverse global marketplaces. Learn more about Project Santa Fe Foundation at

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