1. How do I contact Technical Assistance?
Sysmex Technical Assistance Center is available 24/7 by phone 1-888-879-7639, option 1.
 2. What are Customer Care’s service hours?
Sysmex Customer Care service is available Monday through Friday from 7 am to 7 pm Central Time. You can contact us by phone, 1-888-879-7639, option 2, fax or email, based on account location. Click here for a list of fax numbers and e-mail addresses by account location.

3. How do I order Quality Control product?
Products may be ordered based upon your facility’s test profile. Sysmex requires a standing order be set-up for QC product, ensuring delivery of the most current lot upon its release. A purchase order may be submitted via email five business days prior to your initial QC release date. A standing order confirmation email will be sent upon setup. Please submit any required changes, in writing, to the regional customer service mailbox.

4. Will my Quality Control standing order expire?
Please specify a start and end date on your submitted standing order purchase order. Notifications will be sent 90, 60 and 30 days prior to the standing order expiration. The notification will be sent to the email address provided at time of order set-up, as a reminder to submit your new purchase order.

5. How do I order Reagent product?
Sysmex offers Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), for reagent product orders to be processed through the Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX). This partnership decreases order processing time, provides prompt confirmation and improves the overall accuracy of the interaction.

With the GHX solution, we have eliminated the requirement for an annual reagent standing order. As a valued customer, your orders are eligible for a fixed delivery date, “pre-paid freight”, upon establishing a fixed delivery date.
    Reagent Ordering Steps:
  • Contact Customer Care at 1.888.879.7639, option 2 for:
    • account set-up and a fixed monthly delivery date to be assigned, or,
    • email your request to the regional Customer Care representative, based on location. Click here for a complete listing of fax numbers and e-mail addresses by account location.
  • Once a delivery date is confirmed, Sysmex is ready to receive your fixed monthly reagent order, through GHX, 21 days prior to your fixed “pre-paid freight” delivery date.
  • Modifications to your order may be requested within 11 days of order delivery.
6. What if I need to place an expedited order?
Expedited orders should be telephoned in to the Customer Care Team at 888.879.7639, option 2.
  • Overnight order requests for quality control must be received by 1:00 pm Central Time.
  • Overnight order requests for reagents must be received by 5:00 pm Central Time. Requests received after these times cannot be guaranteed for next day delivery
All emergency orders require a valid purchase order number. GHX does not process emergency orders.

7. Whom should I contact regarding address changes?
Please email the address change information on your company letterhead. Include your analyzer model(s) and serial number(s). Submit your change request to

8. How can I track my product orders?
Tracking information can be obtained through the Sysmex America, Inc. web page. Simply enter your purchase order number and ship-to zip code to access your tracking information

9. How can I pay my invoices?
Sysmex accepts wire transfers, checks and credit cards. For more information, contact your regional Accounts Receivable Representative at 1- 888-879-7639, option 5, Monday through Friday 7am to 5 pm Central Time. .

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