Sysmex BeyondCare℠ Quality Monitor

Analyzer wellness from the inside out

Sysmex, a leader in hematology, introduces the BeyondCare Quality Monitor (BCQM) – a unique, evidence-based quality control management program that monitors the health and accuracy of your analyzers. Automated, color-coded QC interpretation and standardized troubleshooting guidance take the uncertainty out of QC procedures and instill confidence in analyzer performance.

The BeyondCare Quality Monitor for Hematology is available for XN-Series and XN-L Series analyzers. A separate program, BeyondCare Quality Monitor for Urinalysis is offered for all components of the UN-Series.

The BCQMh program partners your laboratory with Sysmex innovation to transform quality control assurance in the hematology lab. Providing continuous calibration verification, standardized troubleshooting guidance and compliance-ready reports, BCQMh enhances workflow and confidence in patient results.
The new BCQMu analyzes daily QC in real time to help detect any deterioration in the test system. Electronic reports streamline the QC data management process and allow users to quickly address issues and perform vital QC functions.

  • Simplify QC interpretation using at-a-glance analyzer performance indicators
  • Verify calibration every time you run QC with powerful peer group algorithms
  • Resolve and document QC issues easily with step-by-step troubleshooting prompts
  • Ensure inspection readiness with comprehensive quality and calibration reports
  • Detect analyzer issues earlier than traditional QC monitoring programs
  • Standardize laboratory QC practices to help minimize downtime
  • Resolve failures before they can impact patient results with real-time performance indicators
  • Alert staff to out-of-range controls with easy to interpret, color-coded quality indicators
  • Ensure inspection readiness with comprehensive QC management reports

Customers located in Canada: Product availability may be different from the U.S..
Please call Sales at 1-866-779-7639 for more information.

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