Caresphere Analyzer Management (AM)


Today’s complex healthcare landscape demands greater efficiency and productivity from all staff, especially in the light of widespread workforce shortages. Caresphere AM is a powerful software solution for monitoring quality and performance data in the clinical laboratory. Crucial elements such as analyzer conditions, comprehensive reports and performance metrics are brought together into one consolidated, customizable and intuitive tool available to labs connected to the Sysmex Network Communications System™ (SNCS).

Caresphere AM is a business intelligence application that introduces innovative technology to all XN-Series™ and XN-L-Series™ users. Laboratory professionals can access this application directly from the Sysmex Customer Resource Center (CRC).


The Realtime Dashboard is fully customizable to display data important to your laboratory’s workflow improvement plan. At-a-glance metrics and status updates provide the information you need to make your lab more productive and efficient.



The Analyzer Condition tab displays the system's status, last service event and calibration date. If the system needs attention, you will be guided through troubleshooting steps. Additionally, if you want to view the last service or calibration report, selecting the dates will navigate you to a list of reports that are ready to view or download. All of this data is housed in one location to save valuable time and effort.


From the Periodic Dashboard, you can view historical daily, monthly and yearly cycle counts. You can view this data for individual labs or across your organization, all from one device. Whether the lab is a standalone facility or part of a larger healthcare network, Caresphere AM delivers real-time and historical data so you can make data-driven decisions to achieve your lab’s goals.

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