Sysmex WAM 

Middleware Designed and Developed by Sysmex

Sysmex WAM is an enterprise-wide software solution that will take your laboratory to the next level in system optimization to improve productivity, reduce clinical errors and support a sustainable paperless environment. Discipline and site-specific rules enable auto-validation and drive reflex and repeat decision logic so that your laboratory can reduce result turnaround time with predictable quality. Sysmex WAM is the only software solution that is adaptable to your changing environment to help you control your future. 

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WAM Connects to One or More Sysmex Solutions in Combination:

  • AlphaN systems
  • Sysmex Lavender Top Management line - XN-9100, integrated tube sorter (TS-10)
  • X-Series and XN-Series systems (within same enterprise)
  • Cell Image Analysis Portfolio
  • UN-2000

Interfaces to:

  • LIS vendor systems
  • Homegrown LIS systems
  • Single or multiple LIS's
  • Experience with over 30 LIS's to date

WAM is a Single System that Can Connect any Combination of:

  • Integrated health networks and regional labs
  • Core and reference labs
  • Hospital labs
  • Patient care centers and clinics
  • Specialty labs such as oncology, pediatric, dialysis

For the lab


  • Utilizes single user screen for result review, manual differential and morphological observations
  • Provides worklist flexibility
  • Prioritizes STAT and critical results for review
  • Highlights delta failures and critical results
  • Records internal and reportable comments
  • Processes manual differential and morphology results with user defined keyboards
  • Aligns with your LEAN processes
  • Captures and tracks critical call information

Paperless Workflow:

  • Capture and electronically store scattergrams and histograms with the results
  • Access from any WAM workstation
  • Save the cost of paper, transportation and storage
  • Eliminate search and retrieval time when you need to reference historical results

Discipline-Specific Rules:

  • Enable auto-validation, reflex and repeat decisions
  • Incorporate ISLH consensus rules and our customers' best practices
  • Speed throughput, reduce steps and decrease smear review rates

Specimen Management:

  • Track tubes’ current and final location
  • Send in-lab receipt information and tube storage location directly to the LIS (LIS dependent)
  • Save time locating samples

For Management

Multi-Site Capabilities:

  • Makes auto-validation possible for all sites
  • Supports standardization of rules and processes across the enterprise
  • Eases technologist transition between shifts and between sites
  • Allows management and validation of sub-site rules with a single, centralized rule set

Management Reports:

  • Easy to use: Requires no specialized skills
  • Manage automation efficiency and productivity
  • Comprehensive: ~1,000 reports in a single module
  • Includes four major report sets: turnaround times, auto- and
    manual- validation rates, rules usage and statistical counts
  • One click export to Excel
  • Create graphs automatically

Integrated Implementation Support:

  • Professional project manager
  • Clinical and technical expertise
  • On-site guidance for rules design
  • On-site assistance with validation, workflow training and go-live support
  • Access to online educational tools
  • Comprehensive documentation and test plans

Multi-Disciplinary Rules:

  • Comprehensive rules library
  • ISLH consensus rules
  • Our customers’ best practices rules
  • Cross-discipline rules
  • Single rules set with ability for sub-site rules


LIS Interfacing:

  • Receives patient demographics and orders from the LIS
  • Returns reflex orders, results and comments
  • Supports multiple LISs with a single WAM database
  • HL7 and ASTM compatible
  • Interfaced to over 30 different commercial and home-grown LIS

System Configuration:

  • HP ProLiant enterprise class server
  • Red Hat Linux operating system
  • Oracle database (Standard Edition)
  • Full technical support for the entire system - no need to employ Linux or Oracle expertise

Networking & Connectivity:

  • Standard TCP/IP connectivity for instruments, servers and workstations
  • (100 mbps full duplex) including between sites in a multi-site environment>
  • Secure SNCS™ for remote troubleshooting and support through port 443 using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol
  • No patient health information (PHI) is transmitted by SNCS

Data Integrity:

  • Mirrored drives with RAID array configuration
  • Daily network backup of the database, application, rules and settings
  • Switch Server (optional purchase) provides hardware redundancy and optimizes system availability

Caresphere™ Laboratory Management (LM)
Caresphere LM is a powerful software solution for monitoring quality, productivity and efficiency data in the clinical laboratory. Crucial elements such as turnaround times, rerun ratios, analyzer conditions and performance metrics are brought together into one consolidated, customizable and intuitive tool, for labs who are connected to the Sysmex Network Communication System™.  

Customers located in Canada: Product availability may be different from the U.S.. Please call Sales at 1-866-779-7639 for more information.

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