Sysmex WAM 

Shift workload from technologist to technology. 

Intelligent Automation fuses informatics, Sysmex WAM, with your Sysmex automation solution to optimize quality, efficiency and measurably reduce allocated resources and operating costs.

Are you a technologist or a supervisor in a busy lab?
Enable your technologists to focus on complex and variant results, assuring quality patient care and safety, keep up with increasing volumes and continue delivering quality results to your patients and clinicians.  Maximize efficiency and expand your lab’s capacities without adding staff.  Accomplish these goals by reducing workload, minimizing specimen handling and eliminating processing steps.  Transform your lab further with paperless workflow and Cell Image Analysis to facilitate digital hematology. 

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Are you a lab manager or director with concerns about seeing return on your investments?
Recognize value with technology that eliminates operational costs, reduces labor and increases testing capacity.  Assure quality by developing and enforcing proven, repeatable processes that meet procedural and current regulatory guidelines. 

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Learn how you will be able to staff for an auto-validation project.
Sysmex provides the right people, project manager plus clinical and technical experts, to keep the project on track and guide your rules design.  We deliver the Sysmex WAM system with your rules completely configured and are on-site with you for validation assistance, workflow training and go-live support.  Training continues with remote, self-paced courses and access to ongoing education.

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IT and LIS professionals don't need to worry about integrating middleware.
We support a cohesive workflow with your LIS, integration with your IT architecture and business continuity policies. 

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Caresphere™ Laboratory Management (LM)
Caresphere LM is a powerful software solution for monitoring quality, productivity and efficiency data in the clinical laboratory. Crucial elements such as turnaround times, rerun ratios, analyzer conditions and performance metrics are brought together into one consolidated, customizable and intuitive tool, for labs who are connected to the Sysmex Network Communication System™.  

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