Fluorescence flow cytometry offers highly reliable, precise and accurate particle differentiation and counts for your urine samples. Using imaging analysis alone means you have to look at the images of all the samples. By combining urine flow cytometry with digital imaging Sysmex offers today's lab a highly standardized and more
efficient process for urine sediment analysis. User-definable rule settings allows your lab to control the process as you wish, assuring proper oversite of pathological samples. Less manual microscopy. More time to focus on data analysis and interpretation.


First-pass accuracy and unprecedented workflow efficiency

Increase throughput by connecting more than one UF-5000 together
Multiple instrument configuration options offer simple upsizing and downsizing
Decreased specimen handling and result data entry reduces the opportunity for clerical errors


Data, connectivity and workflow management solution

  • Standardization of testing protocols and result management across your entire healthcare organization
  • Seamless connectivity of multi-disciplinary instruments across multiple sites to one or more laboratory information systems (LIS)
  • Improve operations, workflow, and productivity with on demand management reports


The UF-5000 provides modern laboratories the latest technology in automated urine sediment microscopic counts. Offered as a compact stand-alone analyzer or as part of a powerful integrated urinalysis system, the UF-5000 brings the accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity of fluorescent flow cytometry to urinalysis testing.

  • Fluorescent flow cytometry for accurate and precise urine sediment microscopic counts
  • Powerful blue laser (488nm) for enhanced detection and differentiation of urine particles
  • New Depolarized Side Scatter (DSS) Detector for better discrimination of Crystals and RBCs
  • Two new analysis channels, to enhance the specificity and sensitivity of particle detection in urine sediment
  • New diluent reagents that reduce or disperse interfering elements resulting in more accurate results due to less interference.
  • New staining reagents that specifically target DNA/RNA in the Core (CR) channel and membrane elements in the Surface (SF) channel provide a high level of specificity and sensitivity in urine particle detection
  • BCQM is standard and accessible on the IPU of the Urinalysis Data Manager (UDMTM). BCQM is a first of its kind, powerful QC program that will improve the way laboratories monitor and manage their urinalysis QC.


Unprecedented urinalysis digital imaging

As part of the UN-2000, the UD-10 provides the operator freedom to walk-away and perform other critical lab tasks while it automatically captures images on urine samples that require further review. The detailed view of urine particles presented by the UD-10 instills operator confidence in urine particle identification.

  • High performance digital camera captures microscope-quality images
  • Review-by-exception, only looking at the images of samples identifying the pathological cellular elements that the UF-5000 flags – crystals, pathological casts, etc.
  • Urine particles are grouped by size class and images are presented to the user via the UDM for easy and efficient review by the technologist.
  • Flexibility in viewing full field and/or individual particle images for improved classification
  • Automates routine manual microscopy, optimizes workflow efficiency and frees up laboratory staff to handle more challenging tasks.
  • Intelligent data management with the Urinalysis Data Manager (UDM) software, standard on all configurations.
Data Manager


Efficiency defined. The UDM offers an intuitive interface for ease of use and provides a streamlined approach to urinalysis result management

By allowing the operator to manage instrument status and urinalysis data review in one screen, the UDM brings increased efficiency to laboratory urinalysis testing. Harness the power of the customizable rules in the UDM to further optimize your laboratories workflow and decrease the time to reportable urinalysis results.

  • Easy to use and designed to minimize operator intervention
  • One screen, comprehensive, urinalysis result management – View patient results from the UF-5000 and images from the UD-10 on a single screen.
  • Touchscreen for easy identification and classification of urine particles
  • Efficient QC management of all analyzers from one screen
  • Customizeable rule settings to optimize workflow and improve turnaround times.
  • Provides a single interface to Laboratory Information Systems


Quality control – simplified and consolidated

This new program analyzes daily QC and peer comparison data in real time to help detect any deterioration in the test method. Electronic reports and logs streamline the QC data management process and allows users to more quickly address and perform vital qc functions.

  • Standardize laboratory QC practices to help minimize downtime
  • Real time feedback on analyzer performance helps resolve failures before they can impact patient results
  • Color-coded alerts for out-of-range controls
  • Automatic alerts when QC data exceeds target


Sysmex America, Inc. partners with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics to provide a fully integrated urinalysis instrument, the CLINITEK® AUWi System.

  • The Sysmex UF-1000i Automated Urine Particle Analyzer with the Siemens CLINITEK Atlas® Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer.
  • An automatic rack transport and intelligent software that manages reflexing rules and interfaces to your LIS or middleware solution.
  • This instrument is distributed by Siemens.

Customers located in Canada: Product availability may be different from the U.S.. Please call Sales at 1-866-779-7639 for more information.

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