Sysmex® XN-Series Automated Hematology Analyzers - Available Now!

Embedded in every new technology, there is a powerful idea that deserves careful study. Sysmex studies the clinical laboratory in order to design products that are more than just good technology. We understand that clinical laboratorians face challenges today that were unknown just a few years ago.

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These are just a few of the reasons why Sysmex has designed the XN-Series of analyzers for the way people work in real labs, under real clinical pressures.

XN-1000 RTM: What if you could have a compact system that offers flow cytometry and delivers the most comprehensive CBC and differential available?

  • User-definable decision rules
  • Optional body fluid cell counts with 2-part Diff
  • Reportable 6-part diff and NRBCs and Reticulocyte Hemoglobin

Delivering a hematology analyzer that will change the way you perform hematology testing!


XN-1000TM: What if you could have access to the most advanced technologies, regardless of your lab’s size or setting?

  • On-board rules for automated reflex testing
  • Automated body fluid cell counts with 2-part Diff
  • Reportable 6-part diff and NRBCs, Reticulocyte Hemoglobin and Immature Platelet Fraction

Delivering advanced automation to labs of any size using only 88 µL!


XN-2000TM: What if you could optimize workflow, staffing and space in an entirely new way?

  • Integrated co-primary system to improve efficiency
  • Rules-driven reflex testing to improve standardization
  • Smart workload balancing in a small footprint

Delivering efficiency and productivity like no one else!


XN-3000TM: What if you could integrate slidemaking and staining into a compact design?

  • Integrated, rules-driven slidemaking / staining
  • Lower review rates with customizable decision rules and reflex testing
  • Optional integrated cell image analysis
  • Big automation power in a compact space

Delivering compact hematology automation that works hard for you!


XN-9000TM: What if you could spend less valuable tech time handling EDTA tubes?

  • Integrated system including slidemaking / staining, with optional cell image analysis, tube sorting/archiving and HbA1c analysis
  • Configuration flexibility of a modular platform that fits your needs
  • Standardized platform throughout your IHN to improve testing consistency

Delivering complete automation that handles >90% of your EDTA tubes!

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